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JOHANNESBURG – Estate Agency Affairs Board CEO Mamodupi Mohlala this week joined a group of global women leaders to discuss transformation and women empowerment in the real estate industry.

Addressing representatives of the World Women Leading Change (WWLC) under the theme Boldness in Real Estate via a virtual meeting on Sunday 12 July 2020, Mohlala said the lack of transformation and gender representation was a global concern and called for an intensified push to ensure more Black Women occupy strategic positions in the industry.

The meeting was attended by delegates from Indonesia, Botswana, Nigeria, Lesotho, South Africa, Namibia and Kenya.

Mohlala detailed four initiatives currently implemented at the EAAB to help fast-track transformation of the industry in South Africa and help remove barriers for black people to enter the profession.

“The figures on transformation in the sector are looking bad, they are dire. But, things are going to change…” said Mohlala.

Central to these programmes are job creation opportunities particularly for Black Women and Youth, up-skilling of Black estate agents, mentorship, grants and loans to start-up businesses.

One of the programmes drew the attention of founding WWLC President Dr Ayla Aldjufrie who immediately undertook to collaborate with Mohlala on Youth employment and any other programmes to advance women. “I’m so excited by what I’ve just heard. Where do we start?” Dr Aldjufrie quipped from Indonesia when requesting more information on the EAAB’s “One-Learner One-Estate Agency” internship programme.

Annually, hundreds of interns are hosted by established estate agents across South Africa who will train and mentor them to become fully pledged professionals.  The EAAB provides a stipend for the interns and support for the host employers.  In the past year, the EAAB collaborated with major banks and communications giants to provide supporting services to bolster the programme.   It is envisaged that 5 000 interns will be enrolled for the 2020/2021 financial year.

Mohlala also highlighted other transformation enabling initiatives include an enterprise development (incubation) programme to assist small, medium and micro enterprises; a PDI resolution which seeks to make it easier for previously disadvantaged individuals to enter the profession; and the establishment of a transformation fund.

WWLC South African Ambassador Debbie Raphuti applauded Mohlala for the work she was doing saying women were “bringing a revolution to a White male dominated industry”. “In Africa we need boldness, we can’t continue to be oppressed economically in our own country,” said Raphuti.

Repeatedly referring to Mohlala as “dynamite”, Raphuti called on women to share knowledge and motivate one another in their quest to infiltrate the industry.

Anne Gebhart from Namibia’s estate agency regulator echoed Raphuti’ sentiments and said they would look into following some of the EAAB’s transformation models.  “We need to follow what you are doing….these are dynamic programmes.  We want to be part of the women who lead real estate change,” said Gebhart.

Women Leading Change is a movement that empowers leading business women to lead, change and give impact to their families, work field, community, environment and industry.  It evolves on the premise of women’s empowerment at the heartbeat of its movement.

Sharing her 15-year journey of growth in the real estate industry, Dr Aldjufrie, said real estate is a factor of economic growth and that women should be central to contributing to this growth.  She urged participants to collaborate, exchange ideas and work hand-in-hand to revolutionize the industry.

Mohlala indicated her willingness to discuss and engage with those wanting to advance the transformation agenda.

She also reminded delegates that the current global COVID-19 pandemic, with its many challenges, could present opportunities for Black women.  “Let’s look for the opportunities, grab it and then run with it.  The pulse needs to be intensified…..together we can bring the much needed change.”


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