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Statement by the PSCC – 21 January 2020

In the previous year, we have communicated with you about the amendments to the Generic Codes of Good Practice. Below are the areas of changes that were released by the Dti in both 2018 & 2019:

Following the above, all sector councils are expected to align with every change that the Dti makes on the generic codes of good practice.

Property Sector Charter Council formed a technical committee where all representatives from all property associations or organizations were invited.

The technical committee met several times last year to align with new changes that were introduced by the Dti and also add other relevant & critical changes that are based on the unique challenges that will accelerate transformation in the property sector.

The Final proposed changes of Amended Property Sector Code was presented to the Dti and approved in principle to gazette the Revised Amended Property Sector Code.

The technical committee hopes to gazette the draft Property Sector Code for public commentary by the end of February.

We will soon share the details of the proposed relevant changes.

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